<%-- File ==== include_message_common_write.html Description =========== Every page involving writing a message uses this common page as an include for the actualy display. --%> <%if attachment_error%> Your attachment was not uploaded successfully: <%attachment_error%><%endif%> <%if ask_username%> <%else%> <%endif%> <% -- The following loops through attachments that are either going to be added with the message. The following variables are available: - att_id - the attachment ID of the post (in the temp attachment directory) - att_filename - the filename of the attachment - att_size - the size of the attachment in bytes. Use <%GForum::Attachment::friendly_size($att_size)%> to get a "friendly" size such as "66.3 KB" instead of "67890". - att_content - the content type of the file (such as text/html for .html files). Use <%GForum::Attachment::icon($att_content, $att_filename)%> to get the web path to the appropriate icon. -- %> <%endloop%>
<%body_font%> Recipient:
value="<%user_username%>"<%endif%> class="button" tabindex=1>
<%body_font%> Recipient:
<%body_font%> <%nbsp user_username%> <%/body_font%>
<%body_font%> Subject: <%/body_font%>
<%body_font%> Message Style: <%/body_font%> <%if message_style%> <% if message_style == 1 or message_style == 3%>      <%body_font%>Get Markup Help<%/body_font%> <% endif%> <%else%> <%body_font%> <%GForum::language(FORUM_STYLE_PLAIN)%> <%/body_font%> <%endif%>
<%body_font%> Post:
<%/body_font%> <%include include_smilies_write.html%>

<%if is_ie and ie_version >= 5.5%>

<%body_font%>   checked<%endif%> tabindex=5>  Append signature to message
<%list_table%> <%GForum::Utils::new_alternation(attachments)%> <%loop attachments%>
<%body_font%> <%att_filename%> <%/body_font%> <%body_font%> <%GForum::Attachment::friendly_size($att_size)%> <%/body_font%>
<%if can_attach%> <%body_font%> Attachment: <%/body_font%> <%endif%>