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Search This Forum Option and Preview Button

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Search This Forum Option and Preview Button
Let me start by saying that I've been to a lot of resource forums and this by far is the best I've come accrossed. Expandable threads, multiple views, multiple topics, relevent search results, the overall layout and design of the pages, it's an idiot looking for information's dream come true.

Both suggestions are rather trivial and are just page layout irregularities but would polish off an otherwise perfect resource forum and the changes wouldn't take much programing due to the user friendly versital scripts that run the program.

1. Search This Forum On The Search Results Page.

Many times when I do a search, I get too many results and wish to change or narrow my search, but to do so requires me to go back to the previous page.
Adding "Search This Forum" ... to the results page would really enhance the forum.

2. The Preview Button Location. (Links: Customization)

I had noticed in the past but not today that the "Check Spelling", "Preview Post", and "Post Message" buttons will be in one order on the "Post A Message" page and in a different order on the "Preview Post" page.
This may have already been resolved and if so, many pardons.


Marcus L. Griswold
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Re: [beetleman] Search This Forum Option and Preview Button In reply to
Sorry to reply to my own post.

The "Check Spelling", "Preview Post", and "Post Message" disorderlines (or a
real word meaning the same) is a difference between "Post" form and the "Reply"

- By the way, I supposed that the bug report forum may be more suitable
- for some for this post but this is more a matter of formating consistancies
- and not a programing error.

I know it's not a big deal, but it is a little annoying (perhapes like me!).

Marcus L. Griswold

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beetleman: Dec 13, 2001, 6:47 PM
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Re: [beetleman] Search This Forum Option and Preview Button In reply to

Sorry I must have missed this one.

1. Do you mean if you use the search bar at the bottom and search only in one forum, on the search results page it should still have Search This Forum? I think your right... =)

2. We'll get this fixed up, thanks for pointing it out. =)


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