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Just a quick thought.

Why is the Moderator box in the main forum view so prominent? Would it be better to do away with this altogether, and maybe put a note on the bottom of the page within a paticular forum listing it's moderators?

Just thought that this would free up some room for the date to be properly displayed and more pressing information.

This has never been a biggy for me, and many other boards don't list the mods etc. until you are actually within that forum.

Also; is there going to be a feature like a Forum Announcement like seen on some boards?


- wil
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Re: [wil] Forum View In reply to
That was one of my original thoughts/suggestions.

With that moderator column where it is, things get a little squashed and it would free up some much needed space IMO.

Maybe within an actual forum there could be some text or something saying,

This forum is moderated by ...

It could probably even fit in next to the "Next Thread", "View Threaded" buttons.

Just a thought.

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PaulWilson: Sep 14, 2001, 4:03 AM
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Re: [PaulWilson] Forum View In reply to
Yep, on the same wavelength today, Paul!

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Re: [wil] Forum View In reply to
First time for everything :)