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Copying threads between forums

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Copying threads between forums
Is there a way to copy a thread/discussion from one forum to another without removing the original from the original forum it is in?

I need to make a few conversations visible to 'the public', but do not want to remove the threads from the original forum where they were originally posted. Nor do I want to make the rest of the original fourm visible to all viewers. I just want to copy 3-10 of the threads to a new forum to make them readable by everyone.

Any ideas? suggestions?


ptegler www.nasshq.org http://nasshq.org/cgi-bin/gforum.cgi
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Re: [ptegler] Copying threads between forums In reply to
I have been trying to work on something similar -- copying a post to a new thread in a public place -- it is an archive for specific information and usually we gather it from posts and have to manually enter the new thread in the other forum. Kind of a pain. I haven't come up with anything workable yet as there is a ton of "touches" for every new post. I'll let you know if I figure something out, but please post here if you find a way. there have been several people in the past that have asked about this.