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Coranto tie in?

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Coranto tie in?
Would it be possible to start a new thread each time an article is posted in conjunction with the news script called Coranto?


Kind of like how yahoo! allows you to post with an associated news article.

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Re: [earthgolf] Coranto tie in? In reply to
Last time I checked, Coranto was in beta.

My guess is that when GT releases Community, the basic modules that make up GT Forum will be reconfigured into GT News (or shortly after the GT Comm release).

GT is creating modular building blocks of code that can be quickly used for other applications. The advanced forum editor is kind of overkill for a forum application, but it is just about perfect for an online editor for a news module.

Depending on your needs and timeframe, it might be simpler and quicker to wait for the GT Community release.

BTW, as previously stated, this is a guess about GT news, as I haven't really even heard any rumors, and I have even tried starting them! Wink

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