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Column Width

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Column Width
The new forum looks and works great for me. Cool My only very, very nitpicky comment is that the column for the SUBJECT is rather narrow, and there seems to be a lot of space taken for the LAST POST column. For me personally, the subject is very important, and I think it would read more easily if more space were allocated for it, and some of the space taken away from the Last Post column (Maybe the date for the last post could be written in 00/00/00 format, or something. That's much better for me personally, but I don't know what other people might think about it....
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Re: [jwalter] Column Width In reply to
hmmm ....

how about changing the word "status" to something else ... the word itself takes up more space than the icons do.

for the date column .... shrink the date and time size, knock off the year ... year isn't as important ... and going to a numerical format would be bad either ....

the right arrow icon could be changed too to save a little in the width department, but not too small since it'd be hard to click on.

just some ideas

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile