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Combined search

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Combined search
I am using Links2 and GForum on my site and I have a few dozen other pages.

At the moment, I have three different search scripts (one for Links, one for GForum, and htdig for the rest).

I would like to combine those three search scripts into one and display the results on one page. For every one of the three units, it should list the five most important titles (maybe some details), and there should also be a link to "more results from this unit" (e.g. more results from the forum, which would link to the actual forum search script). Of course all the search options for the different scripts are just the basic ones (i.e. search for all words, and in all forums etc.)

So, what I am looking for is some kind of wrapper script. I know how I can make htdig produce the output I want, and also adapt the link search script to output the things I want, but the forum one is more difficult.

Since this is the gossamer forum, it would be enough if somebody has some ideas on how to combine Gforum search with Links2 search (I will manage to include htdig search myself.)

Any ideas? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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