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Can additional values be added for user_status?

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Can additional values be added for user_status?
hello all, I am trying to classify a subgroup of members so that I can make their names show up as different colors. I have seen previous posts with code that checks administrator and moderator status, but these members will be neither. Is there a way to ad another value for the user_status field? I don't want to mess with 0,1,2, and obviously not 3, as I don't know the scope of how all of them are used or referenced.

I also would rather stay away from user_title as we do a lot of personalized titles for members that don't follow the standard post count title declaration. Would I be better off creating another variable in the gforum_User table to check for?

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Re: [Jumbolaya] Can additional values be added for user_status? In reply to

If its just the template stuff you wanna show different bits for - just add it as a new field to the "User" table. Something like: custom_status CHAR(255)

Then, edit the templates so you have something like:
<%if custom_status%>
..show custom status
...show the standard Gforum status stuff

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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