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Bug with new posts ?

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Bug with new posts ?

I find something strange with new posts, but I'm not sure that it's a bug. Here how to reproduce it:

1) Log in with your username.
2) Enter in a forum where there is many new threads.
3) Read the first thread.
4) Go back to the threads list of the forum. You will see that the first thread is showed as read and the others are showed as unread. That's normal.
5) Log out.
6) Log in again with the same username.
7) Come back to the same forum. Bug (?): You will see now that all the threads of this forum are showed as read, even if you didn't read them previously.

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Re: [Franco] Bug with new posts ? In reply to
Hi François,

That is the intended functionality - basically, "new" posts are remembered for the current session, but once you log out and log back in, the forum calculates "new" posts as those that have been posted since the last time you entered the forum. This is because sometimes you might not want to read all the posts in a forum, so the next time you log in it will only show you new posts since the last time you logged in. Keeping track of every single post that every single user has or has not read would be rediculously complicated and would make the new calculation (which is already the most intensive operation in GForum) even more resource-intensive.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Bug with new posts ? In reply to
That's logical! Smile