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Avatar problem after server migration

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Avatar problem after server migration
A friend gave me some hosting space on his dedicated server owned by rackspace. Something in their configuration does not allow for images to be run out of the cgi-bin. So, thanks to the SETUP->PATHS feature in the admin console, I changed this to the www.x.com/images directory. I am not sure where the disconnect is, but the uploaded user icons do not display - rather, I get 1 flashing pixel where the user icons once were. If you go to your EDIT->USER PREFERENCES nothing is listed for my current user icon. SO.... and this is where the problem came... I had deleted the cgi-bin/forum/images directory - and when I attempted to upload the image (after changing the image path in setup) the forum generated an error message stating that the file/directory did not exist... It was essentially attempting to upload the file to the cgi-bin/forum/images/users directory (that I had deleted). So I recreated the directory and attempted to upload. To my disbelief, the file was in the cgi-bin/forum/images/users directory, and not in the x.com/images directory that I had set up in paths.

So, how do I change the action to upload the images to the other directory?

Somewhat related, with the image path changed, why would the images not be visable in EDIT->USER PREFERENCES? What would cause each user to be forced to re-upload the images? Where is the image dimension info stored, and is this lost on a migration?

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Re: [shiner] Avatar problem after server migration In reply to
There are two things related to the image path - one of the image_url, which you changed - this is what is sent to the browser for the location. The other is the actual system path where images are stored, which you originally specified when installing the program.

This has recently been added to the Path & URL setup page, and will appear in the next release. However, for now you can replace the admin/templates/admin/setup_path.html file with the attached file to access the configuration variable.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Avatar problem after server migration In reply to
That worked! Thank you for your help!!