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Large number of Field/Column Values

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Large number of Field/Column Values
Could someone help please?

Wondering the most efficient way to display a field in a newly created table that a user can select 1 of say 200-300 options. Scrolling endlessly seems a waste of time and not productive.

Does DBManSQL v2.0.3 somehow allow for the options to be tiered in some way?
Incorporate a Javascript to navigate down to selection in a tree fashion?

Thankyou for any advice/assistance

P Cool
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Re: [PDT] Large number of Field/Column Values In reply to

I don't think it's more efficient to build a tree for large select field with Javascript. The best way is you should split a big table with lots of repeated fields to small tables when you create a new relational database design. It also speed up the time to execute an SQL command.


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Re: [jean] Large number of Field/Column Values In reply to
Thanks Jean,

Not sure if I made myself entirely clear, I think I lost what I was saying in the wording...

In a this single table, there are around 8-10 fields, some are text to be inputted, some are radio buttons, but one one of them has ~300 options that the user must select one of, say from a drop down list.

It becomes tedious and inefficient with some many items in a drop down menu, and I am looking for a way to organise or subdivide the items in the drop down menu into categories to make finding the correct selection less arduous,

Any thoughts?