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Language Tags

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Language Tags

I've been trying for hours to work out the Language tag system in DBMan SQL 2.0.3. I understand how to add a new tag but I can't get it to display on my html pages.

I added a tag called "TEST_NAME" using the Edit Language in the Template section. This is no problem and I checked the language.txt file and it was added.

I then went to the Users Template section and called up the template set and put <%TEST_NAME%> on the add_form.html page. When I view the page I always get the Unknow Tag 'TEST_NAME' error message.

This process seems to work ok for the Template Globals but not for the User Language. Aren't the User Language tags available through out the template set?? What am I doing wrong??

Thank you.

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Re: [jai] Language Tags In reply to

You should add a Global template called message:

sub {
my $tags = shift;
return $tags->{home}->_language('TEST_NAME');

So, you can use <%message%> in your template file.

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Re: [TheStone] Language Tags In reply to
Can you clarify something for me -

Are the User Language templates used for messages generated by the script and Template Globals used for the custom html pages?

If we don't modify the script we shouldn't need to add User Language tags. We should only translate the existing ones into other languages.

If I want to have multiple language pages, I should translate the User Language tags (as above) and then use Template Globals for all my custom html content.

Am I on the right track???

When I initially saw User Language template I thought it was used for translating all the site (error messages, html content, etc.) into other languages.

Some clarification would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: [604] Language Tags In reply to
I would be logical to have the Language Tags available as template tag directly, without using a global to import it.

Best regards,

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