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An action before updating record

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An action before updating record
Hello everybody,

I wish to know if is there a way to do an "action" just before adding/modifying a record in a table.

Suppose this scenario: user add a record, but after his entries, I have a "Field_C" that must be populated according a complex formula, based on the contents of "Field_A" and "Field_B" (for example).

So, the user input the value for "Field_A" and "Field_B" and press the button Submit. At this point, before updating the record but after submitting by the user I have to calculate the value for "Field_C".

Is it possible to do?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Maurizio Mascheroni
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Re: [maskeret] An action before updating record In reply to
SmileUse some javacript to resolve submit enable or disable!

i mean if the field you require is empty then do not enable the submit button till all fields are entered. Or better use unique for column fields that do not have to be empty.

Let me know if helps?

because i did not understand what u require at all?