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dbman setup

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dbman setup
Hi there ,
Help please !
I heard 'bout dbman through sitepoint.com so thought i'd try it.
Got stuck tryibg to set it up switched on the debugger and got the error at the bottom...

... uploaded the files to my cgi bin on my demon server
I've set the permissions according to the readme file
$db_dir_url i've put "http://cgi.www.mydomain.co.uk/cgi-bin/www.mydomain.co.uk"
(the above finds the file when i go to http://cgi.www.mydomain.co.uk/cgi-bin/www.mydomain.co.uk/db.cgi in the browser
perl path ive set to #!/bin/perl5

(I noticed that files ending .pl rather than .cgi don't work in the browser)

DBMan encountered an internal error.

Error Message : fatal error: Undefined subroutine &main::auth_cleanup called at /www/cgi-bin/www.mydomain.co.uk/db.cgi line 78.

Script Location : /www/cgi-bin/www.mydomain.co.uk/db.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00404
Setup File : default.cfg