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DBMAN error

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DBMAN error
hi all @ gossamer

I just installed dbman and get the following error

Error Message : fatal undef error: GT::Template::Parser (19581): Unable to open template file './templates/./templates/login.html'. Reason: File does not exist. at GT/Template.pm line 300.

Script Location : mysql.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00405

So I also made the template folder at the root and it still dont work. So where to put the template folder ?

In my cgi-bin i have now the folders GT help and templates with their subdirs and content.

the rights (chmod) are as described

Any Idea ?

ty in advance, Jojo

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Re: [Jojoinmg] DBMAN error In reply to
You may want to post your question in the SQL forum as it pertains to that version.

You can also search within that forum to see if anyone else had this same problem.

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