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New user creation problems

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New user creation problems

I can create as many users as I wish of the same user name. They then all show up in the user list and whenever I delete one all the users of that name are deleted. I looked at the code and found some validation that the user name has to be unique. Is this a known problem or did I forget something?

Try it out at


Thank you!

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Re: [Safog] New user creation problems In reply to
This doesn't happen when you use the signup form but it does if you add users via the admin display and you don't first check to see if a username already exists.

There has been a fix written for this, you can find it in the FAQ under the section "Troubleshooting" or the original thread is:

Subject: Identical Usernames - Watch Out!
AstroBoy 6-Oct-00
Thread: http://gossamer-threads.com/p/108305

If the url doesn't work, please search by Subject

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [Safog] New user creation problems In reply to
The URL you want is: