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HTML Header problems

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HTML Header problems
I have problems with the

print "Location...";

command which redirects to the predefined page when logging out. I simply see the text "Location: http://www.frischbrot.com/cgi-bin/db/db.cgi" in my browser (IE 5.5, NS 4,78, NS 7.0). So no redirection occurs. The same happens when the script prints the HTML header. It shows up in the browser!

Please try it out at


Any idea would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: [Safog] HTML Header problems In reply to
I would say it was a simple typo that is stopping the sub html_print_headers from working. Since it is near the end, the typo would allow most of the scritp to run.

consider posting your files to a directory as .txt files so folks can look at them.