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Help, i'm confused!

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Help, i'm confused!
All of my field information are in the wrong places and i'm not sure how to fix it! When I add a record and when I get the page that says your record has been succesfully saved, everything looks fine, but when I go into the view and list all pages, everything is in the wrong place. Some fields aren't even filled out even though I did, and everything is just all mixed up.

I looked in the html.pl file and my sub_html_record area is the same as the sub_html_record_form except for the stuff that I took out per the tutorial at JPDeni's site. So i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Here is a snippet of a line of code that I have under the sub_html_record so maybe someone can see if there is something wrong, or point me in the right direction on how to fix this problem? Thanks! Smile

<TD ALIGN="Right" VALIGN="TOP"><$font>Title:</font></TD>

One other bit of information that I forgot...I have about 20 checkboxes on my form and it seems to be putting the information that I type into the regular fields in the area that the checkboxes should go only, so I dont know if there is something wrong with the way the checkboxes are setup, or???

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wdu2002: Dec 3, 2001, 9:16 AM
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Your sub_html_record and sub_html_record_form should not look exactly the same as one is to gather information and the other to display the information.

Do you have a field defined in your html_reord_form for each field you have listed in your .cfg file? Are they numbered from 0 - ? consecutively? Each checkbox for instance must be a defined field.

Why not use JPDeni's configurator and use the results for your .cfg file and html_record_form and html_record.

Then you can just modify those codes for the look you want for your database.

If that doesn't help, please save a text copy of your .cfg and html.pl files and post the url to where they can be viewed.

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