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~~ being placed by system submitting signup

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~~ being placed by system submitting signup
I am working with a DBMAN sys that is using 2 different db's. They are seperated completely as they are sourced into sep directories, 1 for requests and 1 for responses etc..

The problem I have found is that when logging in the other day as a user, the login system placed 2 ~~ in front of my userid resulting in an invalid login screen.

Then the other day I clicked the "signup link" and created a new account for a test person. After filling out the sign up form and submitting, 3 times in a row it did the same thing of placing 2 ~~ in front of the userid in the text field resulting in a error screen.

Is there a problem with the parsing sub routine possibly??

Can any of you DBMAN gurus give me some help with this.

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Re: [Dglinski] ~~ being placed by system submitting signup In reply to
This happens to me when I have two fields with the same name, such as

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="userid" VALUE="$rec{'userid'}">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="userid" VALUE="$rec{'userid'}">

On your page click "view source" on your web browser and very carefully check all of your input fields and see if you have two with the same name. It usually occurs to me when (like above) I have a hidden field and a text field with the same names.

Good Luck!