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Project: quizz with DBman.
Manager make questions ( yes or no, multichoice...)in DBquestuions with fields:Question number,type of quiz, type of question,Question,choice1,choice2,choice3,choice4,good answer1, 2, 3 and 4, comments, Userid.
First Manager search/type of quiz (for exemple), secondely he chooses (with chexboxes like in DBman delete option)20 questions (records) and Submit to generate one record in a another DB:DBquiz with fields=
Quizz number, worker's name, worker's e_mail, Question1,... Question20, manager's name, manager's e_mail.
For each question the Configurator must generate a textfield, radiobutton or chexboxes...it depends of the "type of question".
I hope somebody can help me, I have just 10 days to do it..