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short/long display and "2E0, 1" Problem

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short/long display and "2E0, 1" Problem
I have installed short/long display. It worked very good since I noticed that at the end of the each line of description (I use only two rows in short display: title and description) comes "2E0" or "1". Here is an example what I see:

Außer Acht lassen der im Verkehr erforderlichen Sorgfalt. Es gibt zwei Arten der2E0...

Im Rahmen eines Kaufvertrages ist die Garantie eine Vereinbarung, in der der Ver1...

Handheld Computer
Auch Palmtop oder Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) genannt. Computer, die klein 2E0...

Ein Megabyte besteht aus 1.024 KByte, das sind 1.048.576 Byte . Mit einem Megaby1...

I have also installed the delimitation for description for 80 characters with following code:

if (length($rec{'Description'}) >80) {

$rec{'Description'} = substr($rec{'Description'},0,80);

$rec{'Description'} .= ''...'';

and this is the code for sub html_record

sub html_record {

# --------------------------------------------------------

# How a record will be displayed. This is used primarily in

# returning search results and how it is formatted. The record to

# be displayed will be in the %rec hash.

# This is the "short display" -- the list of records that are returned

# from a search.

my (%rec) = @_;

$rec{'Title'} =~ s/\+/+/g;

if (length($rec{'Description'}) >80) {

$rec{'Description'} = substr($rec{'Description'},0,80);

$rec{'Description'} .= ''...'';


# create link to full display

$record_number = ((($nh - 1) * $db_max_hits) + $rec_count);

$long_url = $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'};

$long_url =~ s/\&nh=\d+//;

$long_url =~ s/\&mh=\d+//;

$long_url = "$db_script_url?$long_url&nh=$record_number&mh=1";

print "<TD>"; # do not remove this! It is necessary to make the records display properly

# Below is where you define what you want to appear for each record in the "short" display.

# You can make this whatever you want, and display as many fields as you would like.

# Choose which of the fields you would like for users to click on to reach the full display

# of records and use that field name in place of "Title" below.


# Be sure that you use <a href="$long_url"> for the link to your full record display.

# <-- Start of short display formatting -- >

print qq|

<a href="$long_url">$rec{'Title'}</a><br>

<a href="$long_url">$rec{'Description'}...</a><hr width=600 color=white><br><br>


# if you want to display your fields in columns, use the following format:

# print qq|

# $rec{'Field'}</td>

# <td>$rec{'Field'}</td>

# <td>$rec{'Field'}</td>

# <td>$rec{'Field'}|;

# Add or remove columns as needed. Be sure you add the $long_url link to one of your fields

# <-- End of short display formatting -- >

print "</TD>"; # do not remove this! It is necessary to make the records display properly


Has anyone any ideas why I see "2E0" and "1" at the end of the description?

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uhrwerk: Aug 5, 2003, 5:11 AM