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rollover submit buttons

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rollover submit buttons
Does anyone know how to get a javascript rollover to work with a image submit button. I know how to do the rollover, but it is different (or can it be done) to do a rollover on a <input type=image .......> submit type of image.

If I take the input type out and replace with the regular <img ......> tag it works fine, but as soon as I change it to a <input type=image ......> the rollover quits working. It doesn't cause a javascript error, it just doesn't work. Any help here would be great.

Thanks, Kody

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What you need to do is use JavaScript to submit the form "onClick". So you can go back to using the normal image type rollover, then wrap the image in an A tag with an "onClick".

eg: <a href="javascript:onclick=document.formname.submit();">...IMAGE...</a>

Note: you'll need to give your FORM tag a NAME="" attribute, then reffer to it by replacing formname in the A tag.

Good luck!

- Mark