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import records (fishing for ideas)

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import records (fishing for ideas)
We'll have occasion with our database (which runs on a server in the building) to break away with a laptop and go out into the field. The database will continue to run on the server, and the laptop will also run using the DB file that was copied just prior to the laptop leaving the building. I've planned ahead for this by adding a segment of code to the validate_record sub that makes sure that any record added or modified will be tagged with the date/time. My idea is that when you get back to home base, click a yet to be created IMPORT button that will take the DB file from the laptop and upload it using the file upload mod of Carol's. Once that file is on the server, a yet to be created routine will parse the laptop DB file one line at a time and compare it to the server DB file. Which ever one has the last mod date will be written to the server DB. Yes there will be the posibility of someone modifying the same record after the laptop goes out in the field, and that data being overwritten once the laptop returns, but I can live with that. What I'm really shooting for here is not to reinvent the wheel. Has any one done this before?