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email notification after modifying or validation

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email notification after modifying or validation
I know there is a lot to read about this subject but the more I read the more I get confused. I couldn't not locate my problem in the threads so i ask it here;

After installing the mod "Validate" by JPDeni with a very clear manual all works well...except after modifying a record there is no mail sent to the user. Also after when the record was added to the database there is no mail sent to the user. The only time mail was sent is to the admin when adding a new record.
I noticed that the new subroutine 'sub validate_records' has to be inserted in db.cgi and not default.cfg. I thought I read it in one off the threads that it should be in the default.cfg but I cannot find it back anymore! In the manual of JPDeni it should be inserted in db.cgi so I presume that is correct? I checked and checked many threads but cannot find the answer. The only thing I (and many others) would like the script to do is when a user adds a new record, a mail is sent to the admin. When the admin modify or validate the record the user gets a mail of the corrected record or the validation succeeded. When the user corrects the record and sent it back again, the admin gets a mail again. he validates it and if succeeded added to the database and a mails goes to the user that it finaly was added. (just wat the mod 'validate' should do.
I put the most necessary files on the adress; http://www.fotostudiotonspekschoor.nl/temp so if 1 of the guru's could give it a try that would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
And as many others users of 'validate' would are unpatiently waiting till some of the additions made in this forum would get in de updated script. Because she really did a great job here!!!

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Re: email notification after modifying or validation In reply to
I noticed that whatever I filled in de debugger ( 0 or 1) I still get an error saying to turn it on....
I looked in the errorlog of the server and it says;
Bareword found where operator expected at -bin/dbman/html.pl line 81, near ""hidden" NAME" (Missing operator before NAME?)
Bareword found where operator expected at -bin/dbman/html.pl line 81, near ""ID" VALUE"
(Missing operator before VALUE?)

So I looked at the lines but they say;
78: }
79: else {
80: print qq|
81: <input type="hidden" NAME="ID" VALUE="$rec{'ID'}">
82: |;
83: }

Where does the double "" come from. I'm a newbie to this stuff so could anyone explain this in non-technical terms?Maybe this is the reason why it won't work!
Thanks in advance...