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creating an order form based on search results

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creating an order form based on search results
I couldn't find any threads for the following in the forum, nor any entries in the unofficial FAQ - if there are, please point me into the right direction.

I am wondering how to go about the following task in order to create an order form on the basis of DBMan's search results:

- DBMan is called from a static page to list all records from a book database.
- I want the output to be displayed as a form which adds input fields for each book where the user can enter the number of copies they wish to order.
- The user enters the number of copies, then presses a submit-button. The values are passed on to a script which generates an order, and, after confirmation and having the users enter their addresses and so forth, mails the order form to the user and to the administrator.

What I don't understand yet in terms of logistics is how to go about the second step. I suppose I could simply code a form into html_view_success, add a input field with the name "copy" to html_record - and format the search results as a hidden input field with the name "result" -, and add a submit button to html_view_success which calls the other script and passes on the values for each "copy" and "result" field.

By the way, if anyone could recommend an easily configurable script that processes forms in different steps and then sends configurable mails to user as well as administrator, I would be really greatful. Credit card processing is not required at this stage, so security is not a concern.

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You may want to seach the forums for "shopping cart" and find similiar posts.

There's one by O'Grady that may be something you can use.
Also search for order form and see if you get any results in your search.

Hope this helps

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