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add a picture with dbman "HELP ME!!"

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add a picture with dbman "HELP ME!!"
Who can help me?

I want to create a small database, where i can add a picture to the record.
So that any default user can see the picture with the record.

Who can send me an example or give me instruction.

Thank you for time

with best regards


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Re: add a picture with dbman "HELP ME!!" In reply to
When you need a modification of the script, the best thing to do is to look in the Resource Center under DBMan Modifications. There are a number of things there.

Do you want to upload a file with the record?

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Get Error In reply to
Thank you JPDeni for help.

I have download the script "Multiple file upload" from Resource Center.
I have modified my script and now he show me that I can upload a picture, but when I try it I get the following error:

Error: Unable to Add Record

There were problems with the following fields: The directory doesn't exist. Make sure that
this directory is a complete path name,
not a URL or something similar. It should look similar to

Please fix any errors and submit the record again.

I don`t know where I must create the right directory that the dbman can save in similar directory.

I am using the "SAMBAR4.4" Server

I modified the default.cfg looks like:

# File upload parameters
# --------------------------------------------------------
# File uploads -- if you want to be able to upload files, set this to 1
$db_upload = 1;

# Full path to directory for uploaded files -- NOT A URL!!!! No trailing slash please.
$SAVE_DIRECTORY = "/upload";

# Full URL to directory for uploaded files. No trailing slash please.

# Defines the total number of bytes that can be uploaded. Files that exceed
# this limit will not be saved on the server. Set this to zero in order to
# disable size checking.

# Defines the total number of files that can be attached to a file. If a user
# tries to exceed the limit, no files will be added. You must set this to a value.
# It cannot be 0.

# List of allowable file extensions. If the file does not have one of the extensions
# listed, it will not be saved to the server. The format for the setting is
# \.[extension]$ If you want to allow more than one extension, separate the options by
# a | character.
$ALLOWED_EXT = '\.gif$|\.jpg$';

So who can help me a little bit more

Thank you for time

Best regards