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I've searched this message board for a whole day and only found bits and pieces of how to do this. It's very hard to follow when someone post up some code and you have to scroll through 2-3 pages of fixing it etc.

Is there a mod or an eay way to have subcategories?

I'd like to use drop downs. Say like if a user selects Honda, then the drop down below it would have like Civic, Accord etc.

I would think this would be built into the dbman but it's not. Any help would be greatly appreciated it.
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Re: [ryans] Subcategories In reply to
Check out the DBMan FAQ (http://redundantcartridge.com/dbman). There are some category mods available there.

Keep in mind that dman works as a "cause and effect" type of thing. So you couldn't have a drop down dynamically populated by the selection of another drop down without clicking submit first.

Your choices are: have one page with all manufactures on it (toyota, honda, ford, etc) and then build an additional page based on the choice made by manufacturer which would have the model detail on it.

Another solution would be to use JavaScript to build your drop downs dynamically. Check out http://javascript.internet.com and look under forms for the pull down script.

Good Luck!
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Re: [Watts] Subcategories In reply to
thanks for the fast response. I've been thinking maybe I'll just have like 10 different configurations and databases. so if someone clicks Honda then it would go to the Honda configuration. Then I would use the script that searches multiple databases. That might just be an easier solution.

I have one question though, when this gets very large I want to switch over to dbman mysql version. Will that mod to search multiple databases work on that?