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Search a string for matches in category1, category5, and category9 only

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Search a string for matches in category1, category5, and category9 only
How can i adapt DBman to perform such a search where only specific categories (is fields the correct word to use here?) need to be searched?
Suppose I have a db in a typical line looks like:

ZOO2303C|$13.00|Y||B|1978|4|Monday Wednesday Friday|6|MCCB|G086|10A|VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY|Darner,Rebekka L||||||||Tuesday|7-9|CRR|0110|||||Vertebrate Zoology|Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011 and 2011L with grades of at least C.|The evolution, taxonomy, ecology and behavior of vertebrates. Emphasis is on the adaptations of wild animals to their natural habitats. Laboratory will include field trips. (B)|2007|Fall|ZOOLOGY|49

The 14th field notes the Instructor's name who is teaching this class, there are many blank fields following that of course!

MVS3970|$53.11|Y|||9547|1|TBA||||FE|JUN RECITAL STRINGS|Casseday,Kevin Arthur Milton|Lower,Janna L|Martinson,Kenneth Allard Jr|Thomas,Steven Francis|||||||||||||Junior Recital|Credits: 1.|All music majors in the Bachelor of Music track must present a public recital during their junior year. See areas of emphasis for specific requirements.|2008|Fall|MUSIC|25265

Sometimes there are more than just a single teacher as in the example above, going onwards from field 14-22. I want to be able to search, specfically in fields 14-21, (upto 8 teachers), for a name and have dbman show me the results of such matches across these specific fields. I do not care for matches in other fields, however (i would rather not see those, at all, after all I am just searching for teachers in the teachers fields 14-22 only). Right now I am resorting to searching only the names of the first instructor (I do not know how to combine the results of other fields)

Another matter I'd like to get some advice on is: being able to search the Days via checkboxes. The 8th field notes Days this class meets, and the 22nd field notes the 2nd meeting time for this class and the 26th field notes the 3rd meeting time. At current I am using a silly method to account for my ignorance on how to deal with this. if I search for Monday, obviously Monday Wednesday Friday shows up as a possible result. I am wanting to restrict it so only classes on Monday show up (somehow with checkboxes. Is this even possible?). Similarly, I should be able to check off Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and see classes/results that have meeting times on M/W/F across all 3 meeting times. I'm not sure if there is a need to modify how I codify my database, of course it can be done, I would need some direction as to what would be optimal for doing this type of searching (across fields)

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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Re: [iamdegenatron] Search a string for matches in category1, category5, and category9 only In reply to
I'm assuming that you are at this time just using the keyword search. Setting up a custom advanced search form will help you to be able to narrow down the searches within the fields that you specify on the search form.

Check out the FAQ noted below under "Search" and you will find some examples.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ