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Random search

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Random search
I have almost finished this db, which is looking great thanks to your excellent help.
I need to do 1 more thing before it's done, and then I can start working on the next 2 that will go into this site.
I just installed your whats_new_days, whats_new_records mod from 000422.html, which is great.
I also came across a random search mod from 000396.html, which I would love to use as well. This would give users the ability to search by last 10-20...days, last 10-20...records and random 10-20 records, but i'm not realy to sure how to incorperate the random mod into the whats_new_days/records mod from 000422 html.
can you help
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Re: Random search In reply to
I don't know either.

This is something I have thought about, but have never come up with a solution for.