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List All error after 100....

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List All error after 100....
I have a dbman install setup to display registered users for a piece of software. I am having a problem with the 'list all' routine. The 101st record display wrong as if I'm missing a pipe BUT it display correctly when I previewed the newly created record, AND when I display the results from a search.

For example, I created a dummy record which is 101 in the DB titled 'XXX User Record 101' .....

The main searches are started from a UK map and search by counties.

When viewing the results of a search the records display fine. In this instance 2 records are displayed for the county 'Avon'.
.....the dummy record looks fine.

YET, when i do a 'list all' the dummy record 'XXX User Record 101' displays incorrectly.

Any ideas where to start my search for this problem?

kind regards
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Re: [philm] List All error after 100.... In reply to
How big is your database? Is it over 1 meg.?

I have a few databases that are very large, and when the size of the database gets too big, and the server is slow it will not do a list all as it times out before it can create the list.

I would also suggest that you verify that there are no errors within your database file. You can do this by opening it up in Excel and just verifying the info is in the correct fields. Sometimes the error appears above where the actual record displays incorrectly.

Hope this helps

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] List All error after 100.... In reply to
The DB is only 22k so far.

I'll open in in excel and see if i can see anything wrong.

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Re: [philm] List All error after 100.... In reply to
I opened the DB up in Excel and could easily see that there were infact 2 stray 'pipes' at the end of record 31 & 32. Once fixed all seems to be well again!! Smile

Thanks for the Excel tip, it's alot easier to see everything clearly. I'm a bit confused why 2 errors on records 31/32 don't show up until record 101 but still, it works so I'll not worry too much Wink
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Re: [philm] List All error after 100.... In reply to
I have experienced the same problem with a database of size 87k and got only one absurd record with incomplete data and everything got messed up afterwards.

I am more concerned as what caused this to happen?

What are reasons for this incomplete record writing?

I checked whatever I could have checked to avoid this in future, but would love to hear from all of you. May be I am making some mistake in configuration or installation.

Thanks for any input,

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Re: [zeshan] List All error after 100.... In reply to
I have found that at times the database become corrupt when there are trailing or leading spaces entered into fields.

Once I added the code into my databases for removing these I stopped having problems with the database becoming corrupted.

Here's how to do that:

Removing leading & trailing spaces

You might try adding the following lines to sub parse_form:


$value =~ s/^\s+//g; # Trim leading blanks...
$value =~ s/\s+$//g; # Trim trailing blanks...

I would put it after code:

$value =~ s/%([a-fA-F0-9][a-fA-F0-9])/pack("C", hex($1))/eg;

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