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[GForum 1.2.0] - Error when editing post that does not exist

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[GForum 1.2.0] - Error when editing post that does not exist
When attempting to edit a post that does not exist (for example, has just been deleted), an error such as the following would result:

A fatal error has occurred:

GT::Template::Parser (12345): Unable to locate template file 'no_such_post.html' in '/home/gossamer-threads/perl/gforum/admin/templates/default/../common' or any inheritance directories at GT::Template::_compile_template line 628.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

This happens because one of the template for the post_edit action is set incorrectly. To fix this error, go to Setup -> Actions, and select the 'post_edit' action from the 'Edit action' list. On this page change the template file listed for "no_such_post" from "no_such_post.html" to "error.html" and save the action. This bug affects all versions of Gossamer Forum up to and including 1.2.0; the fix will work in all previous Gossamer Forum versions.

Jason Rhinelander
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