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Forum moderators needed

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Forum moderators needed

Due to the recent rash of threads that have turned into flame wars in the Links 2.0 forums, I recommend appointing some more moderators. Bobsie hasn't been around in God knows how long (?), and it seems these postings are carrying on way too long by the time you have a spare moment to notice them. I believe that you understand our feelings and the potential result if some action is not taken.

Happy Coding,

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Re: Forum moderators needed In reply to
I agree because no matter how hard I try to be polite and calm I just can't do it when someone says something disrespectful and so it ends up in an argument.

Paul Wilson.
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Re: Forum moderators needed In reply to
Yep, me too. I had to report a thread that i started to Alex the other day cos it got out of hand....had to get him to lock it...Cool


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Re: Forum moderators needed In reply to

I can understand the problem to reply to those many postings. As a linksql user who try to customize his project I also have very great problems to find answers on my questions.

Iīm sure you canīt read every posting and reply to that. Day is very short, if you think about every question and phrase an answer to that, there is no space left for development. Isnīt it?

On the other hand, a user who purchased sql-version, and payed for it (itīs not cheap >> till it runs perfect) needs help and I think he must get this help soon.

Understand how people feel when they ask something in the sql-forum and there is no response?

How should they feel?

I realize that they try to bring their questions again on top of the treads because they donīt get answers, or answers which helps.

Donīt misunderstand me!! I donīt want to say that your support is bad. I use links since 97 and I (almost) ever found answers in the forums, but now since I purchased SQL I feel a little bit alone.

There are to many postings without any reply, or helpfull reply!!

Yes, my questions are about customizing linksql, but Iīm sure most of the customers also need to customize.

I hope you find a way to realize support in this direction,
and I hope that some replies are helpfull and be an answer, not just a reply to a posting!