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Hi there,
Some remarks and questions.
- I like this forum, technicly, the possebillyties and the make up. Is this a program that will become availabel like dbman in future?
- Is it possible to combine scripts in case one uses more of your products, so there are less .cgi scripts to use and would you watch out for the names to use so more of your products will fit in a "Grossamer" cgi-dir without conflict?
For example I start using dbman having db.cgi in it, but also saw in the link program a db.pl script. Could there become combined and does the names conflict?

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Re: Forum? In reply to
This forum is run by a heavily modified version of wwwthreads (http://www.wwwthreads.com). So obviously it can't be given away or sold by Gossamer Threads....Cool


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Re: Forum? In reply to
Firstly this forum is run using wwwthreads.....you can purchase and download the script at wwwthreads.com.

Secondly db.cgi and db.pl won't conflict because their names are different.

Finally, the scripts can be modified to work with each other but you will need to know perl unless you get someone to do it for you. Plugins are being developed to integrate the script with other gossamer-threads products and with other scripts such as vbulletin and wwwthreads which will be helpful for people.

Paul Wilson.
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Re: Forum? In reply to
The SQL based programs are being broken up into shared and program libraries and modules. This will allow central integration of the higher-end GT products.

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