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Quote me happy! webcam viewer

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Quote me happy! webcam viewer
Hi to everyone! Not been around for a while!

This is a little bit off subject but thought I would give it a shot. Not Gossamer related!

Nothing too complex and there is problem something out there already that does it.

I have webcam images uploading to a server

cam0-0.jpg, cam0-1.jpg, cam0-4.jpg, cam0-5.jpg, ... cam0-9.jpg,

1 frame per second uploaded basically. or 0.5

Need some code that can refresh the images sequentially and then start at the beginning. This will effectively be a live webcam feed.

There are lots of Java applets, Flash, JavaScript out there that work with one file like cam0-1.jpg refreshing. These result in partially uploaded files with a fast frame rate. Hence the sequential file. Anyway Iím open to ideas if there are better ways.

But basically I want some code that can simply refresh cam0-0.jpg, cam0-1.jpg, cam0-4.jpg, cam0-5.jpg, ...cam0-9.jpg, etc continually reload the images.

Ask if you have questions. Quote me time/cost etc. Or alternativly I can give you lifetime access to this new site that this will appear on! Or UK residents I can get you in free to any of the UK private parties I run. Wink

Let me know