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Looking for someone to do customization.

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Looking for someone to do customization.
I have a DBMan database about half way working but I need to add a 2nd database to the first one for users, seperate from my records db, but they need to be linked together. I can install mods and make minor and html changes, but this more complex database stuff is over my head and seems like it would take alot longer than I want and would take me to do.

I cant afford to pay these top dollars that the companies listed under the installers charge, so i'm looking for someone here that maybe does this part time, or for a few extra $$? I'm not sure how long this job would take, but here is the gist of it. If anyone would like to tackle on this customization, please let me know and how much you would charge:

1) Add a 2nd database just for users records.

2) Signup form would be only in 2nd database, but login would have to take user to first database that contains records so they could add, view, modify, etc.

3) I need for all the information in the 2nd database (name, address, phone, etc) to be accessible by the admin for account purposes. (such as a users.db that listed name|address|city|state|zip|phone, etc..)

4) I also need certain fields in the users database to be carried over to the first database (such as the email field so the user can be emailed after they add a record)

I can provide further detailed information once I find the right person. I can be reached at webmaster@wdu.net or post here. Thanks!

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Re: [wdu2002] Looking for someone to do customization. In reply to
I have done this, but I didn`t use a second database, I just include the extra user info as extra fields in the default.pass when I register a user and then that info gets called when a user is on the add or modify pages and can be put where you like. Also the info is available to admin when they enquire about a user.
Let me know if you are interested.