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Golf Course Listing
Hi there...

I have a licensed copy of Links SQL and would like to modify it to hold a large listing of golf courses. Two versions will be available... one basic entry for customers who don't pay anything to be listed, the other will feature a rather elaborate "detail" screen with possibily some pictures and definately a listing of specific information for visitors.

I realize this is a brief overview however this is a winter project for me so that paying customers especially will have something to look at before next spring. It will make most of the winter to input the golf course information.

Please email me for more info...


Paul Stewart
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Re: [pauls] Golf Course Listing In reply to
Hi Paul,

normally it's not a problem to restrict the usage of detailed-informations.

You can use an <%if ....%> statement within your pages. Visitors who are validated or signed as a payed user can view the details, other visitors not.

It will be more complicated to manage the "users" and their rights.

Michael Skaide


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Re: [Sir Up] Golf Course Listing In reply to
Actually, everyone can view the detailed listings.. it's just the paying golf courses that would get the detailed listings. I have received a few replies now about adding a mod that will give me the specific detailed screen that I'm looking for now...:)

Thanks for your reply... appreciate it..