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Custom search script for Links SQL..

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Custom search script for Links SQL..
We I have two things we are looking for on our site:
1- Custom search script - A drop down list of engiens to search from which The directory is the primary. - be able to place it on any page within the LSQL directory with it displaying the search this category option ONLY when there is a catID. - Be able to add more engines or change current once in the future. 2- Remote search script: I want to be able to allow other sites to use our database through a remote search, they can control the header, footer and layout of the links (what to display).. The only thing I can control is a small footer that has a banner and a text or other things).. If you can let me know how much will each job cost us.

Users plug In - Multi Search And Remote Search plug in - WebRing plug in - Muslims Directory