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Gossamer Links 3.0.1 Released

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Gossamer Links 3.0.1 Released

We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer Links 3.0.1. This release fixes some of the upgrade issues and adds some features that didn't make it into the 3.0.0 release.

New Features:
  • Added CSS Editor
  • Allow links/reviews awaiting validation to be sorted and to only show links/reviews that are in the current category
  • Added option to auto-validate reviews
  • Added option to not allow modifications to reviews
  • Added support for inheritance in Links::Utils::image_url
  • New plugin hooks
    • category_as_url (Links::Table::Category)
    • detailed_url (Links::Table::Links)
    • build_category_loop (Links::Build)
    • add_this_review (Links::User::Review)
    • update_this_review (Links::User::Review)

Bug Fixes:
  • Bugs in upgrade
    • Modifications to the Category table was loading the new Category subclass which was causing problems since the tables weren't upgraded yet
    • Remove old ConfigData.pm
  • Fixed minor XSS vulnerability in templates
  • When anonymous reviews are enabled and a user submits a review, don't treat it as an anonymous review (ie. don't require the guest name/e-mail)
  • Changed MailingListIndex Name column from TEXT to CHAR since some of the queries break MSSQL
  • Links::Build::build_home was incorrectly calling print_cat (it should only be used when old templates are used). This does mean that the current YahooSubcats plugin will not work with Gossamer Links 3.x. We will be releasing a new version of it soon.
  • Fixed search log paging toolbar
  • Search logger was incorrectly calculating the time it took to search
  • Correctly update the Category's Has_Changed_Links column when building
  • Fixed fileman image path
  • Fixed import scripts to not attempt to import the Newsletter column (it was removed in 3.0.0)
  • Don't cache the link total count when building in a persistent environment
  • Don't build detailed pages of links in multiple categories multiple times when build_detail_format is just "%ID%"
  • Fix warnings in mod_perl code in GT::CGI
  • GT::SQL::Monitor was not returning the number of rows affected

Gossamer Threads Development Team