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unzip to path

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unzip to path
I'm trying to unzip a file into a specific directory. It is currently being saved elsewhere- and not in the directory the zipped file was stored in.

tar -zxf /path/to/file/filename.tar PREFIX=/path/to/file/unzipped

but it is not working. Is there a correct command?

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Re: [Alba] unzip to path In reply to
Is this in a perl script, or from command line?

If so, you *may* need; (NB, I've never used this myself, as most of the invokation stuff I do is in the directory I wanna decompress in =));

-C, --directory=DIR change to directory DIR

So something like;

tar -xof --directory=/path/to/decompress/in/ file.tar

As I said, this isn't something I use normally =D (appologies if its wrong, I'm still getting over the flue <G>).

Hope that helps

Andy (mod)
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