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remove element in array

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remove element in array
i have a field $players that contains the following:
i'm opening a file and as i go thru the records i'm comparing one field ($playerID) to the list of $players. if $playerID is in the list of $players, i want to remove that playerID from $players. what is the best way to do this? it's not an actual change to $players, so i could use a temporary field or array to hold the remaining players.
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Re: [delicia] remove element in array In reply to
Something like this?

my $player_to_remove = "bevs";
my $test = q|delicia~~bevs~~golfer31~~nancy|;
my @new;
foreach (split /~~/, $test) {
next if $_ =~ /$player_to_remove/i;
push @new, $_;
my $new_users = join "~~", @new;

Basically just loop through the users you have, and skip if it matches the one you want to remove. Then re-join the strings and you have the new string without the one you removed :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] remove element in array In reply to
thanks! all is working now.