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Authenticate.... possible?

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Authenticate.... possible?

I'm trying to authenticate through a page, on an NT server. The main difference, seems to be the support of user:pass@domain.com (which works fine on UNIX style servers). I've tried using built in features of the Win32 Perl;

use Win32::AuthenticateUser;

Win32::AuthenticateUser::AuthenticateUser("domain.com", "pdfdwn", "the-password") || die $Win32::GetLastError;

However, this doesn't seem to actually log in :/

The main reason I need to do this, is so that I can log in via a script, as the "pdfdwn" user, which is then used to do more PDF processing (changing from .doc ==> .pdf).

TIA for any ideas. I'm really stumped as to what else I can try :|


Andy (mod)
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