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Warning: Double Check .domains File

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Warning: Double Check .domains File
Hello all,

Just thought I'd pass along some advice...for those who have virtual web host accounts...double check your account's architecture...

Some hosting companies use POP3 email systems that stick a file called .domains in your account folders. This file contains all your POP3 accounts. I've been wondering for a couple months now why even if I create a new POP3 account that is "uncommon" like adffddfa@mydomain.com that it still gets SPAMed. Putting two and two together, I figured out why, my hosting company had put the .domains file in my ROOT web directory, which is much easier to troll by outsiders and bots, plus the file was set to globally read by all user groups..ugh! They should've set up my website architecture as follows:

/www/ (contain all web files and accessible by the greater Internet - HTTP and FTP protocols)
/.domains (FTP only by account user admin account)

I am quickly getting this handled by moving my email system to Q-mail, which is self-contained and no configurations are stored in user account folders.

Anyway, hope this helps others who may have made the same mistake by not carefully double checking their website hosting configurations.
Buh Bye!


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