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Any one help?

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Any one help?
I just graduate and I want to find some freelance jobs. Any suggestion?

I heard people said www.elance.com and www.elance.com.hk is good. Did anyone have join their service?
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Re: [bernard1] Any one help? In reply to
Please use the right forum :( (I've moved it for you).


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Re: [bernard1] Any one help? In reply to
The most active one I know is:


although it is difficult to get contracts until you've gotten a few quality ones under your belt.

Here is a list of others you can try:

* http://www.allfreelance.com
* http://www.flexiblecareers.com/
* http://www.freelancebbs.com/
* http://www.hometownwebmasters.com/
* http://www.itmoonlighter.com/
* http://www.kodoo.com/
* http://www.looksurf.com/
* http://www.MoonlightMania.com/
* http://www.thesoftwareobjects.com/
* http://my.net-temps.com/
* http://www.sologig.com/
* http://www.telework-connection.com/
* http://www.Workaholics4Hire.com/
* http://www.workonlinewith.us/

Another source is your local newspaper and look in the classified ads for contract positions, with the US economy in the shape it's in, contract work is relatively easier to come by these days than full-time employment. I've found all my big contracts through the classifieds.

Also, check out Yahoo! Groups for a job posting list in your area, I am subscriber to about 10 Colorado related groups and I've found quite a few contract opportunities through them.

Also, see if there's a local network group in your area of interest, whether it be web programming, web design, computer application development, etc. This is the best place to meet people who share your interests and also may know of contacts in your industry.
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Re: [bernard1] Any one help? In reply to

RentACoder.com is my choice.
I can say this as one from RentACoder TopCoders.
150+ projects completed by me.
Here my brief history:
RentACoder - is eBay for contractors. It has many clones, but original is outstanding one:

1. 800+ open bid requests for today

2. no needs to pay subscription (like at Elance, Contracted Work, Telecommute-Jobs)

3. you can't see strange bids: "I can do it for 3$ in 0 days" (like at Scriptlance)

RentACoder has at least two cool features -
protections for software buyer and coder :
1. Arbitration process
2. The "Safe Project Escrow"
You may want to read "Software Buyer Frequently Asked Questions" :

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Re: [bernard1] Any one help? In reply to
Register on a few sites like

They will then send you emails for free when they get projects that are in your are of expertise. Saves you hunting high and low for jobs
http://www.projectspool.com - Outsource any technical projects online
http://www.coders4rent.com - Find that perfect remote coder for your software project

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Re: [cliftonarms] Any one help? In reply to
http://www.rentcoder.com - never ask you about subscription.
But all other sites in the previous post - ask you about monthly payment to get possibility to get job (i.e. subscription).