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I know I shouldn't really do this, but thougtht I'd give one of my new script a little plug :)


Basically like my AllPosters_Import plugin (for GLinks), but a total "stand alone" rewrite, which works using their SOAP feed (instead of storing everything in the DB)

If anyone's got any isues/suggestions, I'm all ears

NB: the one thing I can't get working atm - is the "poster details" page (not through lack of trying, but I just can't get the right SOAP command to get the details for specific posters :()

Once I get a few people using this script, I'll also re-write the plugin (as thats quite old, and needed quite a decent server to read all the .Txt files that were in the AllPosters datafeed). Then, should be pretty easy to add it to GLinks Cool


Andy (mod)
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