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A case of domain sqatting??

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A case of domain sqatting??
I'm trying to get a domain for my new site, but it seems to be unavailable, and it expires in June this year. I visited the site, and received a "Page cannot be displayed...." error. I tried pinging the domain, but even that returned the result "Unknown host". I searched the Whois database and it is registered to a person, but there's no sign of the site or even an "Under Construction" page. Could this be a case of cyber-squatting. What can I do about it?
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Re: [xtracta] A case of domain sqatting?? In reply to
Try emailing the contact address, and see what they say...


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Re: [xtracta] A case of domain sqatting?? In reply to
Some people purchase domains, but don't set them up in DNS servers for HTTP requests, meaning websites, but use them for email or buy them, but don't redirect them to existing websites.
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