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Annoying Citrix problem

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Annoying Citrix problem
Everytime Microsoft Word gets opened, the Windows Installer pops up for a couple of seconds. This is causing automation problems with macros. Once Word is open, I can run the macros manually, they just won't run on startup.

Any ideas?

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Re: [welshsteve] Annoying Citrix problem In reply to
Mmm.. have you completed the install process? It should stop after you've run it once.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Annoying Citrix problem In reply to
It's actually a client of my company with the problem. They were getting the Office installer launching for a couple of minutes each time as well. That disappeared when I got them to fully install office, but the Windows Installer still pops up briefly. I have no idea what it is doing at this point but it is stopping the automatic mail merging function within the software we provided them with



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