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Re: [Andy] Links::Table::Category new() problem

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Re: [Andy] Links::Table::Category new() problem In reply to
Erm, isn't that what you're meant to do, before calling the "new" option? ;)
Uhm, that's good point, but it seems, that GT missed to check even before the new creator was called...

If the table doesn't exist, then there must be something pretty major going on :P
Let's divide my answer into 3 points:
  1. I wrote nothing about any missing table. I wrote: "should be checked if the column exists".

  2. Your point is right, table (or even more the database) existance may be also checked. Probably these database checks may be done, when the script is started. As for mod_perl this check should be done, when script is loaded first.

  3. There is no "any pretty major going" here, as I'm working on a customized LSQL version for my site, and I don't use the ExpiryCounted and ExpiryDate columns.

As a workaround, I had to create these missing columns, even if I don't use them Unimpressed

Best regards,

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