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profit vs non-profit -- GT licensing

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profit vs non-profit -- GT licensing
OK ... been nicely pushing g-forum on some of the sites that I visit (no spam just post and let folks know or answer their questions and if I can't answer I recommend them to drop by here).

Alex could you define the line where a site is considered for profit.

Are paid banners (ie :: a simple top location banner -- not a full page of banners) a profit site?
What happens if the site is free but a link referrs the visitor to product and the site owner gets a commission (simple case -- amazon)?
What about a donation (ie paypal) type of situation for a GNU/GPL script?

I've answered lots of threads where people are under the impression that g-forum is really expensive.

hmmm .... I'd love to help out more but I'd like to state more clearly what a non-profit/profit requirements are rather than ... please check out www.gossamer-threads.com for more info on this.

lucky I copied this ... I got caught in the forum update shutdown .... Frown

phewwww ---- safe !!!

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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