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profit vs non-profit -- GT licensing

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profit vs non-profit -- GT licensing
OK ... been nicely pushing g-forum on some of the sites that I visit (no spam just post and let folks know or answer their questions and if I can't answer I recommend them to drop by here).

Alex could you define the line where a site is considered for profit.

Are paid banners (ie :: a simple top location banner -- not a full page of banners) a profit site?
What happens if the site is free but a link referrs the visitor to product and the site owner gets a commission (simple case -- amazon)?
What about a donation (ie paypal) type of situation for a GNU/GPL script?

I've answered lots of threads where people are under the impression that g-forum is really expensive.

hmmm .... I'd love to help out more but I'd like to state more clearly what a non-profit/profit requirements are rather than ... please check out www.gossamer-threads.com for more info on this.

lucky I copied this ... I got caught in the forum update shutdown .... Frown

phewwww ---- safe !!!

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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Re: [QooQ] profit vs non-profit -- GT licensing In reply to

Our policy is that for our shareware programs like Gossamer Forum, Links 2.0 and DBMan, if the program is being used by a commercial user, or if you want to remove the powered by link, you must purchase a license. A commercial user is any company, government or educational institution. Hobby sites, individuals, or non profits may use it for free as long as they maintain a link back to us. Also, free users are required to register with us (basically just letting us know where it is installed).

Whether or not you show banner ads is your choice. =)

Let me know if you have any other questions,

Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [Alex] profit vs non-profit -- GT licensing In reply to
Thanks Alex!

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile