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SQL templates vs. site.html in links 2.0

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SQL templates vs. site.html in links 2.0

I'm currently using Links 2.0 with a rather heavy modification to have it work not only as a URL resource index but also offline resources. Including a lot more information in the database.

As part of this I have detailed pages for each resource with a lot of conditional/ if perl statements. Ie I'm using the site.html instead of templates to get the chance to do that. Thus if some set of information hasn't been supplied for that resource it won't print the standard text for that option. Eg if Author is supplied it will say "This publication was written by {author}" if Author wasn't supplied it skips that phrase.

Is that something it would be easy to do in Links SQL? I couldn't see any reference to that in the help files.

Also you mentioned somewhere in the ads for the script that it could be used as basis a news tool by categories etc. Have you got any more information about this? Ideas on how one would do that?

If you wan't to see my current setup based on links 2.0 - go to http://www.icbl.org/index/

Still in beta but I'm planning release quite soon, just have to add some more info. I'm considering SQL for a later release/re-launch. Alex, Have you got any options on Links SQL for non-profits?


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